Tips For Organising A Bridal Shower Tea Party

bridal tea party

A bridal shower tea party is all about style and class. It’s a perfect surprise for a bridesmaid who especially loves tea parties. Tea parties are also about hanging out with your closest girlfriends and enjoying the elegance and food that it has to offer. If you’re hosting a massive tea party, you may want to ask one of your friends to help you organise the best tea party for someone special to you.


The first step to organising any event is setting a budget for the whole thing. A tea party event consists of many things including flowers, decoration, venue, music and menu. So before you book anything, it’s ideal to set a budget for each of the things you require to host the event.


A tea party is nothing without a theme. As it’s a bridal shower tea party, you may want to choose a theme from glam, classy, vintage or chic. It’s all about girl bonding and adding a theme to a party makes it more memorable and something that everyone that can look forward to.


You can be creative when hosting a tea party. Depending on your budget, you can either have a tea party in one of your friend’s house or find an appropriate restaurant that caters for tea parties.


Finally, it’s time to hunt and buy your decorations. Now that you have chosen a specific theme, you’ll need to buy a matching decoration that will fit your overall theme. For instance, you may have chosen a vintage theme. In this case, look for decoration specific to this theme. Vintage is all about old and timeless decorations like a vintage mug, napkin or tea cakes holder. You may also want to add in some old vintage candle holder on the table and add some flowers on the side.

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