Clubbing Dos and Don’ts: How to Have a Great Nightlife without Spoiling Another’s

Just like in any place, there are etiquette rules to observe when you spend a groovy night in a night club or bar. You don’t want to place yourself and your companions in a compromising and embarrassing situation, right? So that you can enjoy the entire night partying with your friends, keep these clubbing dos and don’ts in mind.

Make sure you have enough money.

Nothing is more embarrassing than going to a club with a group of friends and hoping that one of them will pay for your drinks. If you’re old enough to go to the club, then you must be able to pay for yourself.

Don’t come in a sloppy attire.

When you go clubbing in the UK, dress smart! Of course, you want to look and feel good when you’re partying all night long. Leave the trainers, sportswear, baggy, torn jeans and shirts at home. Your safest bet is a collared, button-up shirt and trousers if you’re a guy, and a skirt or dress if you’re a lady.

Go for valet parking.

For your safety and convenient, please valet instead of looking for a parking area on your own. This will be extremely helpful when you get out of the bar drunk and can’t find the spot where you parked your car. Valet parking can save you from that inconvenience and embarrassment.

Be nice and courteous.

Especially when the bar gets too crowded, you’ll be pushed, squeezed, or bumped. Don’t create a scene by pushing back or lashing out at the offender. Chances are the person who hit you didn’t do it on purpose. And when you’re the one who invaded someone’s space, be courteous enough to say “excuse me” or “sorry.”

These are just some of the etiquette tips to live by when you go for a night of clubbing so that you can have a pleasurable, worry-free time.

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