4 Tips for First-Time Clubbers: How to Enjoy Your First Night Out

Have you just turned 18? Welcome to adulthood! That means you can enjoy the things that most adults do—like hanging out in night clubs.

But of course, you can’t jump into that right away without knowing first how to act properly when you go clubbing even if you’re a first timer. That way, you’ll have fun, be safe, and won’t ruin somebody else’s night.

Here are some of the basic tips for first-time clubbers:

Bring an ID

There’s an age limit for entering clubs, and if you look underage, you won’t be allowed into the club. So always have your ID just in case to prove that you’re of legal age already.

Be careful with your drinks.

Never leave your drink anywhere—if you’ll have to, don’t drink it again. Also, a safety tip for ladies: don’t fall easily for tricks like guys buying you drinks. You are old enough to pay for your own drinks. You’ll never know if someone put something toxic in your drink and you’ll wind up in a date rape.

Know your drinking limits.

When it’s your first time to do something, it’s easy to get overly excited and enthusiastic. That can be said also about drinking. You must know how much alcohol you can handle. Even if you’ve got a lot of money to spend, it’s foolish to get yourself sloppily drunk. It doesn’t look good on your Facebook and Instagram photos. And of course, you can’t drive home safely and drunk driving is against the law. So be easy on your drinking when you go clubbing.

Never pick a fight in the club

Drunk or not, it’s not good to be in a situation where you’ll be in a physical brawl with anyone. It will ruin not just your night but also that of other partygoers in the club because of the rowdy scene.

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