Tips For Organising A Bridal Shower Tea Party

bridal tea party

A bridal shower tea party is all about style and class. It’s a perfect surprise for a bridesmaid who especially loves tea parties. Tea parties are also about hanging out with your closest girlfriends and enjoying the elegance and food that it has to offer. If you’re hosting a massive tea party, you may want to ask one of your friends to help you organise the best tea party for someone special to you.


The first step to organising any event is setting a budget for the whole thing. A tea party event consists of many things including flowers, decoration, venue, music and menu. So before you book anything, it’s ideal to set a budget for each of the things you require to host the event.


A tea party is nothing without a theme. As it’s a bridal shower tea party, you may want to choose a theme from glam, classy, vintage or chic. It’s all about girl bonding and adding a theme to a party makes it more memorable and something that everyone that can look forward to.


You can be creative when hosting a tea party. Depending on your budget, you can either have a tea party in one of your friend’s house or find an appropriate restaurant that caters for tea parties.


Finally, it’s time to hunt and buy your decorations. Now that you have chosen a specific theme, you’ll need to buy a matching decoration that will fit your overall theme. For instance, you may have chosen a vintage theme. In this case, look for decoration specific to this theme. Vintage is all about old and timeless decorations like a vintage mug, napkin or tea cakes holder. You may also want to add in some old vintage candle holder on the table and add some flowers on the side.


How to throw the perfect pool party

pool party

When hosting a pool party, it’s essential that you have all the right ingredients to host the most awesome pool party. Pool parties are perfect for any kinds of events such birthday parties or simply a get together with your friends or family. To help you get started, we’ve listed the must-have items in your party.

Inflatable floats

To make the pool experience, more fun, don’t forget to purchase some funky floats for the pool. There’s a variety of float available including doughnut floats, swan float, sofa float and much more. Floats are ideal for relaxing and playing games in the water. More importantly, don’t forget to buy a pump!

Food delivery

If you are catering for more than ten people, we suggest on ordering food delivery to save you time on cooking. Ordering some boxes of pizza is the way to go.


A pool party is nothing without some good beats! Don’t forget to plug in your speaker and create a playlist that will get everyone in the mood to party! We highly recommend looking for a party playlist on Spotify.


Have a variety of drinks available for your crowd to cater for everyone’s taste. You can purchase some alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages. We recommend making your alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails for everybody! Ideally, you can buy some canned drinks or provide some plastic cups for servings. Lastly, get yourself a good bottle opener just in case!


Do not forget to stock up on extra towels for your guests!


To make the party extra-fun and special why not host a group game for everyone to play? There are a variety of games including ball games, beer pong and toss games.

Waterproof camera

A waterproof camera is essential for taking photos in or under the water! You won’t need to use your phone in this case!


Looking for the Perfect Party Venue? Here are 4 Tips to Find the Best Location

When planning a birthday party, bridal shower, anniversary, or any event, one of the most important considerations is the location. To make your party an affair to remember, keep these tips in mind when you plan your party.

Consider the weather

You don’t want rain to rain on your parade, so choose a schedule wisely, taking weather into consideration. Regardless of the venue you rent, it will be very difficult for your guests to get to the location safely if there’s a heavy downpour. Research on the weather forecast on the day you’re planning to hold your party. If you have to reschedule, do it.

Pick a venue that matches your party theme

Nightclubs are perfect for a bachelor’s or bachelorette party; it’ll be awkward if you throw such adult party in a garden setting. Same goes when you’re throwing a kiddie party. Always keep your theme in mind when scouting for the perfect party venue.

Choose an accessible location

Consider where the majority of your guests will come from. If it’s inconvenient for them to get to your party venue, then don’t expect them to be all there. Pick a location that’s not only in close proximity to your guests but also easy to locate on navigation apps.

Book in advance

Make sure to book days ahead before your preferred schedule for your party. The availability of the party venue should be considered when planning a party. Better that you book at least a month in advance so that you can secure a venue and have more time to attend to the other party needs.

Planning for a party soon? The venue, aside from food and the program, makes a big difference in the experience of your party guests. So give your party venue a careful thought in your event planning process.


4 Tips for First-Time Clubbers: How to Enjoy Your First Night Out

Have you just turned 18? Welcome to adulthood! That means you can enjoy the things that most adults do—like hanging out in night clubs.

But of course, you can’t jump into that right away without knowing first how to act properly when you go clubbing even if you’re a first timer. That way, you’ll have fun, be safe, and won’t ruin somebody else’s night.

Here are some of the basic tips for first-time clubbers:

Bring an ID

There’s an age limit for entering clubs, and if you look underage, you won’t be allowed into the club. So always have your ID just in case to prove that you’re of legal age already.

Be careful with your drinks.

Never leave your drink anywhere—if you’ll have to, don’t drink it again. Also, a safety tip for ladies: don’t fall easily for tricks like guys buying you drinks. You are old enough to pay for your own drinks. You’ll never know if someone put something toxic in your drink and you’ll wind up in a date rape.

Know your drinking limits.

When it’s your first time to do something, it’s easy to get overly excited and enthusiastic. That can be said also about drinking. You must know how much alcohol you can handle. Even if you’ve got a lot of money to spend, it’s foolish to get yourself sloppily drunk. It doesn’t look good on your Facebook and Instagram photos. And of course, you can’t drive home safely and drunk driving is against the law. So be easy on your drinking when you go clubbing.

Never pick a fight in the club

Drunk or not, it’s not good to be in a situation where you’ll be in a physical brawl with anyone. It will ruin not just your night but also that of other partygoers in the club because of the rowdy scene.


Clubbing Dos and Don’ts: How to Have a Great Nightlife without Spoiling Another’s

Just like in any place, there are etiquette rules to observe when you spend a groovy night in a night club or bar. You don’t want to place yourself and your companions in a compromising and embarrassing situation, right? So that you can enjoy the entire night partying with your friends, keep these clubbing dos and don’ts in mind.

Make sure you have enough money.

Nothing is more embarrassing than going to a club with a group of friends and hoping that one of them will pay for your drinks. If you’re old enough to go to the club, then you must be able to pay for yourself.

Don’t come in a sloppy attire.

When you go clubbing in the UK, dress smart! Of course, you want to look and feel good when you’re partying all night long. Leave the trainers, sportswear, baggy, torn jeans and shirts at home. Your safest bet is a collared, button-up shirt and trousers if you’re a guy, and a skirt or dress if you’re a lady.

Go for valet parking.

For your safety and convenient, please valet instead of looking for a parking area on your own. This will be extremely helpful when you get out of the bar drunk and can’t find the spot where you parked your car. Valet parking can save you from that inconvenience and embarrassment.

Be nice and courteous.

Especially when the bar gets too crowded, you’ll be pushed, squeezed, or bumped. Don’t create a scene by pushing back or lashing out at the offender. Chances are the person who hit you didn’t do it on purpose. And when you’re the one who invaded someone’s space, be courteous enough to say “excuse me” or “sorry.”

These are just some of the etiquette tips to live by when you go for a night of clubbing so that you can have a pleasurable, worry-free time.